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HVAC - Refrigeration - Automation

Cimbit is a young and driven company based in Holland, and founded in 2008.
Information technology combined with control systems for HVAC and refrigeration is one of the expertise obtained over more than 30 years of experience.

Cimbit HVAC Automation
HVAC Applications

Cimbit PLC Automation
PLC Applications

Cimbit HMI Automation
Touch Screen Applications

HVAC Applications

PLC Applications

Touch Screen Applications

Cimbit Switching Gear
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Custom Machinery Control

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Frequency Inverters

Schneider Electric

Yaskawa Frequency inverters

Cimbit Airconditioning
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Refrigeration Tools

Carrier airconditioning

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Cimbit combustion air
Axial fans and control systems

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Chilled water and seawater pumps

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Air purification systems

Engine combustion air


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